Explore LED lighting

Explore Philips LED lighting
90%* energy savings
Using Philips LED lighting, you can get upto 90%* energy savings. Explore now!
(* % energy savings is based on comparison of 25W GLS Lamp to 2.5W LED Lamp)

Save with Lighting App

Philips Save with Lighting App
Instantly calculate and save energy
Using Save with Lighting mobile App, you can instantly calculate energy savings when you change/upgrade your existing lighting with Philips energy efficient lighting.

Change to LED lighting

Change to Philips LED lighting
Philips - World’s No. 1 sold LED lighting
Some of our leading customers are enjoying the benefits of changing their existing lighting with Philips LED lighting. Are you ready to change?

Solar LED street lighting

Philips Solar LED street lighting solutions
Reducing dependency on conventional power
Solar lighting is useful for areas where electricity is not available or supply is erratic. Philips Solar LED street lights can work as a stand-alone & as a hybrid system. This ensures no blackouts, providing safety even during cloudy/rainy weather.

Switch to safe living

Philips Lifestyle modular switches with protective technology
Presenting Philips Modular Switches
No matter who uses it, an adult or a four year old, you want the assurance that you and your loved ones are safe. Lets spend less time worrying and more time living.

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See tools and literature
Looking for specific tools or literature?
DIALux (prepare/send photo realistic visualizations of your light planning), CalcuLuX (select & evaluate lighting systems for applications), downloadable brochures, and more ...

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