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Philips Lighting is dedicated to introducing innovative end-user-driven and energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a thorough understanding of the customer needs.

Philips Dynalite User Interfaces

Philips Dynalite user interfaces


The ultimate in user interface solutions – balancing aesthetics and function

+ Philips Dynalite user interfaces [PDF: 2.97 MB]

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Philips Professional LED Lighting Solutions Catalogue

+ Professional LED lighting catalogue 2012 [PDF: 6.23 MB]

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Philips Essential LEDtube T8

Essential LEDtube T8

+ Visit the Philips Essential LEDtube T8 section

+ Philips Essential LEDtube T8 brochure [PDF: 1.8 MB]

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OccuSwitch, plug and play lighting controls

+ Visit the OccuSwitch section

+ OccuSwitch brochure [PDF: 745 KB]

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Solar street lighting solutions

+ Visit the Solar street lighting solutions section

+ Solar street lighting solutions brochure [PDF: 684 KB]

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Professional Luminaires


Professional Luminaires

+ Surface mounted [PDF: 949 KB]

+ Recessed (false ceiling) [PDF: 1 MB]

+ Downlighters and accent [PDF: 1 MB]

+ Battens and Special purpose [PDF: 944 KB]

+ Waterproof and cleanroon [PDF: 766 KB]

+ Road [PDF: 2 MB]

+ GreenLine LED street lighting range [PDF: 357 KB]

+ Area [PDF: 1 MB]

+ City Beautification [PDF: 1 MB]

+ Petrol Station Lighting main canopy [PDF: 637 KB]

+ Highbay [PDF: 676 KB]

+ General Industry [PDF: 894 KB]

+ Consumer products [PDF: 2 MB]

+ Lamps and General information [PDF: 1 MB]


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Lifestyle modular switches with protective technology

Home Decorative Lighting collection

The Home Decorative Lighting collection


+ View the Home Lighting products online catalog 


Brighter homes. Inspiring homes. - Introduction to the Home Decorative Lighting Collection

+ Introduction [PDF: 1 MB]


LivingColors - Color your world with light

+ LivingColors [PDF: 1 MB]


ecoMOODS - Saving in Style

+ ecoMOODS [PDF: 4 MB]


Aquafit - Turn your bathroom into a spa

+ Aquafit [PDF: 4 MB]


Kidsplace - Fun spaces with light and color

+ Kidsplace [PDF: 1 MB]


roomstylers - Decorative - Give style a home

+ roomstylers - Decorative [PDF: 3 MB]


roomstylers - Wall and Ceiling - Your space, your style

+ roomstylers - Wall & Ceiling [PDF: 5 MB]


roomstylers - Spots - Creates lasting impression

+ roomstylers - Spots [PDF: 706 KB]


outerstylers - At home with nature

+ outerstylers [PDF: 3 MB]


Desk Lights - Discover clarity

+ Desk Lights [PDF: 3 MB]


Product index - Product index

+ Product index [PDF: 3 MB]


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The Ledino range


LED Decorative Lighting Solution

+ The Ledino range [PDF: 2 MB]


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+ Green Office - Lighting Products & Solutions Catalogue [PDF, 13.5 MB]

+ Industry Lighting - Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions Catalogue [PDF, 12.4 MB]

Products by application area
+ Industry [PDF: 3.8 MB]
+ Office [PDF: 14.2 MB]
+ Outdoor [PDF: 15.8 MB]
+ Retail [PDF: 8.4 MB]
Products by application areaProducts by application area

Building Segment Catalogue

A snapshot of lighting solutions which Philips offers to building segment customers.
Philips Building Segment Catalogue
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